The Doctor

Dr. William Gerwig, D.C.

When Dr. Gerwig was young, he was involved and injured in a car accident which left him with multiple disc herniations in his neck and lower back. At that time, he was a competitive baseball player. The injury left him unable to perform at his optimum level. With the help of regular chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy, he was able to once again compete at a very high level. Little did he know or expect that this experience would have such a profound effect on his life. It wasn’t long before Dr. Gerwig realized his true calling in life and decided to pursue a career in chiropractic. After completing his undergraduate work at Rutgers University, Dr. Gerwig graduated in 1996 from Life University’s College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Gerwig has been a licensed chiropractic physician serving the Fort Lauderdale, FL area for 18 years. He genuinely cares about every one of his patients and takes pride in treating the person, not just the symptom. He recognizes that each person is different; therefore all of his patients receive personalized care based on their specific needs